What is the Difference Between HVAC Installation and Servicing?

Like all building infrastructure, there is a substantial difference between HVAC installation services and HVAC repair services. Installation services occur during building construction and remodeling when the complete HVAC system is built into the structure. The HVAC installation services provider often works with the architects, engineers, and other contractors in the design and building construction process.

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Importantly, the installation process normally involved new HVAC units, ductwork, and other elements designed to adequately heat or cool the new or remodeled building.

When an existing building needs an entirely new rooftop unit or similar, performing the work can be considered HVAC installation services or repair services since it constitutes a revision to an existing system. More often, HVAC service is seen viewed as providing maintenance and repair services. System maintenance involves periodic inspections, cleaning, and replacement of consumable parts to keep units providing their peak performance.

Repair services, on the other hand, involve working on HVAC systems that no longer function or do not function properly. The first step in repairing these systems is to diagnose the problem. HVAC repair technicians are trained to step through logical sequences to eliminate particular possibilities while isolating others as the causes. Once identified, the problem part or component is repaired or replaced to bring the HVAC system back into working order.


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