Learn How to Clean an Air Conditioner

In the video, the reporter presents a step-by-step tutorial on performing air conditioning service for an AC at home, eliminating the necessity for professional assistance. The initial step involves the thorough drying of the AC to eliminate moisture and dust by operating it in fan mode for 30-40 minutes. Subsequently, the front panel is opened, unveiling two soiled air filters and a bacteria filter, which also undergo a cleaning process.

The reporter introduces an optional step using an air conditioning cleaner aimed at killing bacteria, removing dust, and eliminating bad smells.

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After spraying the cleaner and letting it sit, the filters are reinserted, and the front cover is closed. The AC unit is then wiped clean with a cloth. The final steps include plugging in the AC cord, setting it to max, and running it for 15-30 minutes for a thorough check and cleaning.

The information presented provides a comprehensive guide for viewers looking to service their AC units at home, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. In addition, the reporter’s step-by-step instructions offer a practical and thorough approach for individuals seeking to enhance the efficiency of their AC units. In conclusion, the reporter highlights the efficacy of utilizing AC cleaning liquid for tackling undesirable odors and bacterial growth, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a clean AC system.

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